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Tuesday, 12. April 2011

White light

By ruruqq, 11:20
 The other day, the Chinese intermediate ability group Limited company and the Yangzhou Municipal government, the Chinese Academy of Science Semiconductor Research institute, the Yangzhou economic development zone signed the square agreement, made the LED Industrial base together in Yangzhou. According to the agreement, after the intermediate ability group controls stock in Yangzhou the branch semiconductor Limited company, the semiconductor institute fully will display uses its scientific research strength, the talented person superiority, speeds up the new photo source domain the related research and development achievement transformation, depends on the technological innovation to promote in Yangzhou the branch product promotion.   Had the technical stratification plane force support, the intermediate ability group has developed the LED industry energy fully. The concerned person in charge indicated that the intermediate ability group in 3 to 5 years will invest above 5,000,000,000 Yuan, through to produces, the market and the scientific research resources optimizes the conformity unceasingly, further perfect industrial chain, diligently the branch makes into Yangzhou in the year business income to surpass 10,000,000,000 Yuan new photo source enterprises.   in 2010, "the State Council about Speeds up Cultivates And Develops Strategic Emergent industry Decision" proposed explicitly that must develop the semiconductor illumination material vigorously and so on new Functional Materials. The LED industry takes one of new material industry important components, has the luminous efficiency to be high, energy conservation effect good and so on characteristics. According to reckoning, if our country 1/3 lighting sources by the LED lamp substitution, are saved the electric quantity to be equal every year to a Three Gorges Project annual total output of electrical energy, but can also reduce in fluorescent lamp's mercury largely and so on deleterious substance to the environment the influence.   Is precisely relies on it in domain and so on energy conservation, environmental protection, low-carbon outstanding performance, LED widely applies now in domains and so on instruction, demonstration, back light source, illumination, has integrated during effectively people's daily life, also becomes technical which and the industrial strategy commanding point various countries' competition competes. In the past during 10 years, the global LED component market's compound rate of increment achieved 22.5%. But in the near future, the transportation illumination, the outdoors and will live at domains and so on illumination to face the LED product the fast seepage. According to the reckoning, next five years, our country LED component market's compound rate of increment estimate will be 35%,2015 year overall industrial scale will surpass 500,000,000,000 Yuan. It can be said that the LED industry's development will welcome the broad market space and the prospects for development. LED lamps and lanterns' An Gui requests   LED has the energy conservation, the environmental protection superiority, has become the main tendency in the lamps and lanterns industry's development. Because LED uses the technology and the product attribute already and the traditional lamps and lanterns are entirely different, therefore the present common lamps and lanterns standard of security standard has not been obviously suitable. In order to assist the entrepreneur to face up to this subject, the security evaluation which by the LED lamps and lanterns this issue will use technical which, the possible application category, and present UL uses to carry on the explanation regarding this.   LED lamps and lanterns technology and characteristic   The so-called LED lamps and lanterns, as the name suggests, are refer to the lamps and lanterns product to use LED (Light-emitting Diode, light emitter diode tube) the technology make the illumination source which the white light LED lamps and lanterns (16) want primarily. LED is one kind of solid state semiconductor module, it passes through semiconductor p-n using the electric current along the counter current to tie the coupling place, again the belt negative electricity's electron which and the belt positive electricity's electricity hole two kinds separates after the semiconductor in carries the child to unify mutually, but has the photon emission, different type's LED can send out from infrared to the blue light, and the visual purple to the ultraviolet ray between and so on different wave length optical fiber. Recent development in recent years is spreads the phosphor on blue light LED, transforms the white light LED product blue light LED. This operation needs to match the driving circuit generally (LED Driver) or the power source supply (Power Supply), the driving circuit or the power source supply's major function is transforms the alternating voltage into the direct-current power supply, simultaneously and completes the voltage which and the electric current tallies with LED, actuates the module which coordinates.   The LED lamps and lanterns' light bulb volume is small, the weight is light, and by the epoxy resin seal, may withstand the high strength mechanical shock and the vibration, not easy stave, and the brightness decay cycle is long, therefore its service life may be 50,000-100,000 hours, surpasses the tradition tungsten lamp far 1,000 hour and the fluorescence tube 10,000 hours. Because the LED lamps and lanterns' service life may amount to for 5 ~10 years, therefore not only may reduce the cost which largely the lamps and lanterns replace, and further because it has the minimum electric current then to actuate the illumination the special characteristic, in similar illuminating effect situation, power consumption also only then fluorescence tube 1/2, therefore LED also simultaneously has the province electricity and the energy conservation merit. However because the LED partial technology still disliked the insufficiency, therefore at first uses on lamps and lanterns' shortcoming (develops color including the light quality, uniformity, color temperature) to be bad, the radiation not easily, and the price is high, but improper radiation, will then cause the LED lamps and lanterns' brightness and the electric circuit spare part service life accelerates to weakenLED light. Along with the technique of manufacture in for the past ten years progressing by leaps and bounds, the above shortcoming, reduces, the light quality gradually including the LED thermal resistance also in the promotion. in 2008 LED flood light, has achieved 100 Lm/W except the LED white cold light's luminous efficiency, but the LED warm white light's luminous efficiency, estimates in 2010, may also from present 70 Lm/W enhance to 100 Lm/W. Compares with the present other general photo sources LED spot light, the tungsten lamp approximately 15 Lm/W, the fluorescence daylight lamps approximately 45~60 Lm/W LED strip light LED tube light, the HID lamps the approximately 120~150 Lm/W, LED luminous efficiencies gradually have had obviously the superiority; The following is aims at LED and other common lamps and lanterns' lamp comparison LED Ceiling Light: