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Wednesday, 07. September 2011

Corporation calculates

By ruruqq, 05:16

 According to market investigation and study company Strategies the Unlimited newest issue “the outdoors and the big spatial illumination and forecast the report with the LED market analysis”, the US had already obtained the leading position in the LED outdoor lighting domain.LED Spot Lights since in 2010 in the fourth quarter the LED seal's price already dropped 20-25%,

Strategies Unlimited also to forecast that the outdoors lamps and lanterns' average price will continue in 2011 to fall, moreover this tendency has the possibility to continue in 2012 and to accelerate.although from 2010 to 2015 LED lamps and lanterns quantity of delivery's compound yearly average rate of increment (CAGR) anticipated is 26%, but as a result of the price decline, the income compound yearly average rate of increment estimate only then 11%, to 2015 yearly incomes will estimate that will amount to 544,000,000,000 US dollars.

This report believed that although China had already installed many outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, as a result of the quality question,LED Flood Lights in 2011 the Chinese outdoors LED illumination market size presents the atrophy. But North America, in the United States Department of Energy, American City Solid state Illumination Street light Association as well as under US Lighting set-up Association's joint effort, the people enhance unceasingly to the quality consciousness, promotion tradition illumination to LED technology transition.

in 2011 the world has opened the prologue to the LED lamps and lanterns' large-scale popularization, this lets dig the golden green illumination revolution the Chinese several thousand LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer to dance with joy -, because a giant market must open, what but this time is in charge is the Chinese manufacturer. The LED lamps and lanterns must popularize, not only needs to reduce the cost large scale, needs to solve the energy efficiency and the reliable difficult problem, how to solve these difficult problems, PowerIntegrations market marketing vice-president DougBailey shared the highly effective high reliable LED lamps and lanterns design five advices.

do not use double pole power component DougBailey to point out that because the double pole power component is cheaper than MOSFET, generally is 2 cents about one, therefore some designers to reduce the LED actuation cost to use the double pole power component,LED Ceiling Lights like the serious influence electric circuit's reliability, because of along with the LED actuation circuit wafer temperature promotion, the double pole component's effective work scope will reduce rapidly, like this will cause the component when the temperature rise thus the breakdown will affect the LED lamps and lanterns' reliability, the correct procedure will be must select the MOSFET component, the MOSFET component's service life must excel in the double pole component by far.

The use integrates MOSFET as far as possible, if designs the LED lamps and lanterns power is not very high, Doug suggested that the use integrated the MOSFET LED driver product, because does the advantage is integrates MOSFET the breakover resistance to be few, the quantity of heat which produces must compared to separation few, moreover, is integrated MOSFET is the controller and FET in the same place,Patch Panel Manufacturer generally has the overheated shutdown function,

will achieve in the MOSFET overheated time automatic cutout electric circuit protects the LED lamps and lanterns' goal, this will be important to the LED lamps and lanterns, because the LED lamps and lanterns will be very generally exquisite, and will carry on the air cooling with difficulty. “will have the situation which sometimes because LED the overheated combustion will offend somebody, but our plan always cannot such.”He expressed.

 Use single stage construction electric circuit Doug expressed as far as possible some LED electric circuit has used two levels of constructions,DVB-T TUNER namely “PFC (power factor adjustment) + isolates the DC/DC converter” the construction, such design can cut electric circuit's efficiency. For example, if the PFC efficiency is 95%, but the DC /DC part's efficiency is 88%, then the entire electric circuit's efficiency will reduce 83.6%! “At the same time the PI LinkSwitch-PH component the PFC/CC controller, 725VMOSFET and the MOSFET driver integrates in the single seal, driving circuit's efficiency will promote to 87%!”

Doug pointed out that “such component may simplify the circuit wafer topological design greatly, most can omit the traditional isolation instead to stir up25 parts which -like in the design uses! Omits part including high-pressured large capacity electrolysis electric capacity and light pair.”

Doug expressed that the LED two levels of constructions are suitable in must use the second constant flow driving circuit to be able to cause PFC to actuate the LED constant flow the old-style driver. These designs were already obsolete, no longer has the cost benefit,哮喘 therefore should better use the single stage design in the majority situations.

Doug disclosed that PI Corporation calculates its market share in 2010 according to the LED driver quantity of delivery to occupy the whole world first! The massive customer's use enables PI to be possible to understand profoundly LED the application tendency and may promote unceasingly meets the customer need the new product. The look forward to the future, he expressed that in 2011 the Chinese indoor LED illumination, the led daylight lamp and the LED street light and so on will have the very good application.