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Tuesday, 23. August 2011

good economic

By ruruqq, 05:15

 Moreover as a result of working condition's variation, this kind of LED end product's color temperature is not unified, has from the warm yellow to the cold blue color, will therefore come out in the production process by it the characteristic will make the discrimination.

  Another manufacture's white light LED method a little looks like the daylight lamp, will send out near ultraviolet ray LED to spread two kind of phosphori the mixture, one kind will be blushes the light and the blue light you, another kind will be sends the green light, has doped the zinc sulfide (ZnS) copper and the aluminum.

But because the ultraviolet ray can cause in the adhesive the epoxy resin cracking deterioration, therefore the production difficulty is high,LED lights manufacturer but the life is also short. Compares with the first method, its efficiency lowers produces much hot (, because StokesShift the former big), but the advantage is the spectrum characteristic is good, produces the light is quite attractive. But because the ultraviolet ray LED power is high, although therefore its efficiency compares the first method to be low, comes out brightness is actually similar.

  The newest manufacture white light LED method has not used the phosphorus again. The new procedure is grows the selenium zinc rock pile crystal level on the selenium zinc (ZnSe) foundation plate. When circular telegram its active region will send out the blue light,dvb t tuners but the foundation plate can turn yellow the light, will mix is the white light.

Color   The light emitter diode conveniently through the chemical modification method, the adjustment material's energy structure and the energy gap, realizes the red yellow greenish blue orange multicolor illumination. The thioindigo red plumber makes the voltage to be small, the color different red, the orange, yellow, green, the blue light emitter diode's working voltage elevates in turn.

Price   LED price now more and more common people, because of LED province electricity characteristic, perhaps in the near future, the people can changes into the LED lamp the incandescent lamp. Now, our country partial places and so on city road, school, factory district replaced ten thousand LED street lights, the energy conservation lamp and so on  

 Monochromatic light LED type and historical development   Tied the LED photo source which using semiconductor P-N the illumination principle made to be published most early in the early-1960s.

At that time used the material was GaAsP, blushed the light (λp=650nm), when the drive current was 20 milliamperes, the luminous flux had thousand point several lumen, corresponding luminous efficiency approximately 0.1 lumens per watt.   In the mid-70s,dvb t mpeg4 introduction element In and N, caused LED to produce the green light (λp=555nm), Huang Guang (λp=590nm) and the orange light (λp=610nm), the light effect also enhanced to 1 lumens per watt.

To the early 80s, presented the GaAlAs LED photo source, causes red LED the light effect to achieve 10 lumens per watt.

  In the early 90s, blushed the light, Huang Guang GaAlInP and sends green, the blue light GaInN two new materials to develop successfully, enabled LED the light effect to have the large scale enhancement. In 2000, LED which the former did in red, the orange area (λp=615nm) the light effect achieved 100 lumens per watt, but the latter made LED in green region (λp=530nm) the light effect might achieve 50 lumens per watt.

  Monochromatic light LED application light emitter diode LED serves as instruments and meters' instruction photo source at first,dvb-t receivers afterward each kind of light color's LED obtained the widespread application in the street-traffic control lights and the big area display monitor, has had the very good economic efficiency and the social efficiency.

Take 12 inch red street-traffic control lights as the example, originally uses the long life in the US, the low light effect's 140 tile incandescent lamp takes the photo source, it has 2000 lumen white lights. After red light filter, the light loses 90%, is only left over 200 lumina the thioindigo red. But in the new design's lamp, Lumileds Corporation has used 18 red LED photo sources, including the circuit loss, altogether consumes the electricity 14 tiles, then has the same light effect.